BURMILANA 12 1000 mtrs

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BURMILANA 12 1000 mtrs

BURMILANA 12 – for wool effects with a hand stitch look. Finely spun wool/acrylic embroidery thread, perfect for high speed computerised embroidery, overlocking and decorative stitching. BURMILANA 12 is a strong and thick thread (330 dtex x 2) which fills designs quickly, with a warm and interesting texture. Colours range from vibrant reds, greens, blues and yellows, through to soft country tones with multi hues, for outstanding special effects. BURMILANA 12 – affordable exclusivity with a few stitches!
BURMILANA 12 1000 mtrs

Color:3805 Product No.:8133805

Color:3860 Product No.:8133860

Color:3912 Product No.:8133912

Color:3492 Product No.:8133492

Color:3802 Product No.:8133802

Color:3853 Product No.:8133853

Color:3909 Product No.:8133909

Color:3489 Product No.:8133489

Color:3785 Product No.:8133785

Color:3848 Product No.:8133848

Color:3905 Product No.:8133905

Color:3477 Product No.:8133477

Color:3756 Product No.:8133756

Color:3843 Product No.:8133843

Color:3901 Product No.:8133901

Color:3470 Product No.:8133470

Color:3737 Product No.:8133737

Color:3840 Product No.:8133840

Color:3898 Product No.:8133898

Color:3457 Product No.:8133457

Color:3724 Product No.:8133724

Color:3837 Product No.:8133837

Color:3891 Product No.:8133891

Color:3444 Product No.:8133444

Color:3715 Product No.:8133715

Color:3832 Product No.:8133832

Color:3888 Product No.:8133888

Color:3990 Product No.:8133990

Color:3439 Product No.:8133439

Color:3699 Product No.:8133699

Color:3829 Product No.:8133829

Color:3883 Product No.:8133883

Color:3980 Product No.:8133980

Color:3432 Product No.:8133432

Color:3667 Product No.:8133667

Color:3825 Product No.:8133825

Color:3880 Product No.:8133880

Color:3941 Product No.:8133941

Color:3415 Product No.:8133415

Color:3644 Product No.:8133644

Color:3821 Product No.:8133821

Color:3872 Product No.:8133872

Color:3931 Product No.:8133931

Color:3402 Product No.:8133402

Color:3641 Product No.:8133641

Color:3810 Product No.:8133810

Color:3863 Product No.:8133863

Color:3916 Product No.:8133916