POLYNEON 60 1500 mtrs

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POLYNEON 60 1500 mtrs

No cmpromises! Quality embroidery of very fine lettering and small details has been possible with MADEIRA CLASSIC 60 for some time. Now, when you must use Polyester thread for technical reasons, these detailed embroideries can be made using MADEIRA's new  POLYNEON thread! Available in 100 carefully selected colours,  POLYNEON 60  is absolutely perfect for making even the smallest lettering easy to read.  And in one design, even two different thread counts can be used! The colours are clearly marked with a blue dot on the new POLYNEON shadecard.
POLYNEON 60 1500  mtrs

Color:1621 Product No.:9241621

Color:1781 Product No.:9241781

Color:1859 Product No.:9241859

Color:1977 Product No.:9241977

Color:1766 Product No.:9241766

Color:1846 Product No.:9241846

Color:1970 Product No.:9241970

Color:1750 Product No.:9241750

Color:1842 Product No.:9241842

Color:1956 Product No.:9241956

Color:1742 Product No.:9241742

Color:1839 Product No.:9241839

Color:1951 Product No.:9241951

Color:1733 Product No.:9241733

Color:1831 Product No.:9241831

Color:1946 Product No.:9241946

Color:1723 Product No.:9241723

Color:1825 Product No.:9241825

Color:1940 Product No.:9241940

Color:1704 Product No.:9241704

Color:1821 Product No.:9241821

Color:1924 Product No.:9241924

Color:1673 Product No.:9241673

Color:1812 Product No.:9241812

Color:1918 Product No.:9241918

Color:1657 Product No.:9241657

Color:1805 Product No.:9241805

Color:1902 Product No.:9241902

Color:1638 Product No.:9241638

Color:1800 Product No.:9241800

Color:1880 Product No.:9241880

Color:1624 Product No.:9241624

Color:1791 Product No.:9241791

Color:1866 Product No.:9241866

Color:1984 Product No.:9241984

Color:1771 Product No.:9241771

Color:1851 Product No.:9241851

Color:1973 Product No.:9241973

Color:1765 Product No.:9241765

Color:1845 Product No.:9241845

Color:1966 Product No.:9241966

Color:1748 Product No.:9241748

Color:1841 Product No.:9241841

Color:1955 Product No.:9241955

Color:1741 Product No.:9241741

Color:1837 Product No.:9241837

Color:1950 Product No.:9241950

Color:1728 Product No.:9241728