CR 20

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CR 20

The soft metallic thread An elegant, smooth and soft metallic thread made from a black rayon core wrapped by a fine metallised polyester foil. Available in 32 fascinating shades including subtle jade greens, ruby reds, coppers, sapphire blues, violets and lovely rainbow effects. FS No. 20 is a wonderful compliment to fashion, sports, leather, home decoration and promotional wares.
CR 20

Color:2003 Product No.:9752003

Color:2071 Product No.:9752071

Color:2058 Product No.:9752058

Color:2027 Product No.:9752027

Color:2013 Product No.:9752013

Color:2008 Product No.:9752008

Color:2065 Product No.:9752065

Color:2037 Product No.:9752037

Color:2022 Product No.:9752022

Color:2012 Product No.:9752012

Color:2004 Product No.:9752004

Color:2062 Product No.:9752062

Color:2028 Product No.:9752028

Color:2015 Product No.:9752015

Color:2010 Product No.:9752010