FS 40 5000 mtrs

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FS 40 5000 mtrs

Smooth and Supple Metallic Thread Together with FS No. 50 and No. 35, FS No. 40 is a classic smooth, supple metallic thread, made with real silver! FS No. 40 is the standard thickness and available in Platinum, Aluminium, Coppers, Silver, a multitude of Gold shades and even a selection of astro multicolours.
FS 40 5000 mtrs

Color:4001 Product No.:9864001

Color:4071 Product No.:9864071

Color:4060 Product No.:9864060

Color:4028 Product No.:9864028

Color:4022 Product No.:9864022

Color:4010 Product No.:9864010

Color:4006 Product No.:9864006

Color:4003 Product No.:9864003

Color:4070 Product No.:9864070

Color:4044 Product No.:9864044

Color:4027 Product No.:9864027

Color:4021 Product No.:9864021

Color:4008 Product No.:9864008

Color:4005 Product No.:9864005

Color:4002 Product No.:9864002

Color:4061 Product No.:9864061

Color:4029 Product No.:9864029

Color:4026 Product No.:9864026

Color:4011 Product No.:9864011

Color:4007 Product No.:9864007

Color:4004 Product No.:9864004