POLYSTITCH 40 5000 mtrs

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POLYSTITCH 40 5000 mtrs

Due to its resistance to Chlorine, PolyStitch is the ideal embroidery thread for denim-wash items, those with frequent staining or requiring frequent or heavy duty washing / laundering. Recommended for sportswear, swimwear, childrenā€˜s wear and workwear also hotel, catering and food trade items.
POLYSTITCH 40  5000 mtrs

Color:5773 Product No.:9395773

Color:5895 Product No.:9395895

Color:5411 Product No.:9395411

Color:5649 Product No.:9395649

Color:5769 Product No.:9395769

Color:5879 Product No.:9395879

Color:5990 Product No.:9395990

Color:5642 Product No.:9395642

Color:5758 Product No.:9395758

Color:5866 Product No.:9395866

Color:5981 Product No.:9395981

Color:5637 Product No.:9395637

Color:5749 Product No.:9395749

Color:5851 Product No.:9395851

Color:5975 Product No.:9395975

Color:5622 Product No.:9395622

Color:5739 Product No.:9395739

Color:5842 Product No.:9395842

Color:5965 Product No.:9395965

Color:5568 Product No.:9395568

Color:5726 Product No.:9395726

Color:5838 Product No.:9395838

Color:5950 Product No.:9395950

Color:5557 Product No.:9395557

Color:5831 Product No.:9395831

Color:5946 Product No.:9395946

Color:5538 Product No.:9395538

Color:5718 Product No.:9395718

Color:5815 Product No.:9395815

Color:5934 Product No.:9395934

Color:5527 Product No.:9395527

Color:5678 Product No.:9395678

Color:5803 Product No.:9395803

Color:5924 Product No.:9395924

Color:5480 Product No.:9395480

Color:5672 Product No.:9395672

Color:5800 Product No.:9395800

Color:5918 Product No.:9395918

Color:5465 Product No.:9395465

Color:5659 Product No.:9395659

Color:5784 Product No.:9395784

Color:5902 Product No.:9395902

Color:5450 Product No.:9395450

Color:5651 Product No.:9395651

Color:5771 Product No.:9395771

Color:5885 Product No.:9395885

Color:5645 Product No.:9395645

Color:5767 Product No.:9395767