POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

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POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

POLYNEON 75 is the finest polyester embroidery thread. It is perfect for attaching sequins and for the realization of the finest, filigree embroidery details.
POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

Color:1508 Product No.:9361508

Color:1676 Product No.:9361676

Color:1811 Product No.:9361811

Color:1948 Product No.:9361948

Color:1670 Product No.:9361670

Color:1801 Product No.:9361801

Color:1939 Product No.:9361939

Color:1657 Product No.:9361657

Color:1796 Product No.:9361796

Color:1922 Product No.:9361922

Color:1649 Product No.:9361649

Color:1784 Product No.:9361784

Color:1906 Product No.:9361906

Color:1640 Product No.:9361640

Color:1768 Product No.:9361768

Color:1891 Product No.:9361891

Color:1633 Product No.:9361633

Color:1751 Product No.:9361751

Color:1874 Product No.:9361874

Color:1992 Product No.:9361992

Color:1611 Product No.:9361611

Color:1725 Product No.:9361725

Color:1857 Product No.:9361857

Color:1984 Product No.:9361984

Color:1567 Product No.:9361567

Color:1711 Product No.:9361711

Color:1846 Product No.:9361846

Color:1977 Product No.:9361977

Color:1563 Product No.:9361563

Color:1703 Product No.:9361703

Color:1842 Product No.:9361842

Color:1969 Product No.:9361969

Color:1550 Product No.:9361550

Color:1687 Product No.:9361687

Color:1829 Product No.:9361829

Color:1965 Product No.:9361965

Color:1528 Product No.:9361528

Color:1680 Product No.:9361680

Color:1822 Product No.:9361822

Color:1951 Product No.:9361951

Color:1675 Product No.:9361675

Color:1810 Product No.:9361810

Color:1944 Product No.:9361944

Color:1663 Product No.:9361663

Color:1800 Product No.:9361800

Color:1928 Product No.:9361928

Color:1654 Product No.:9361654

Color:1794 Product No.:9361794