FS 30 2500 mtrs

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FS 30 2500 mtrs

The first metallic thread that can be washed at 95° C / 203° FA jewel in MADEIRA’s thread programme and a true speciality thread. The only metallic thread developed for stone washing, chlorine use and harsh laundering, at temperatures up to 95ºc (203ºF). FS No. 30 is also the most abrasion resistant metallic thread, due to exclusive twist construction and special finishing processes. The Silvers and Golds in this range are ideal for all embroidery and in particular denim (stone wash), leather goods, uniforms, canvas, sporting goods and hotel and catering industry wares, particularly where fastness and durability are essential.
FS 30 2500 mtrs

Color:3022 Product No.:9793022

Color:3091 Product No.:9793091

Color:3037 Product No.:9793037

Color:3030 Product No.:9793030

Color:3070 Product No.:9793070

Color:3033 Product No.:9793033

Color:3028 Product No.:9793028

Color:3060 Product No.:9793060

Color:3031 Product No.:9793031