CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

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CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

A class of its own. The lightweight thread in the MADEIRA rayon line CLASSIC No. 60 can be used anywhere fine detail is required as well as in top stitching and for decorative sewing on delicate fabrics. CLASSIC No. 60 colors are identified by the blue dot on the MADEIRA rayon shade card.
CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

Color:1000 Product No.:9151000

Color:1073 Product No.:9151073

Color:1147 Product No.:9151147

Color:1065 Product No.:9151065

Color:1134 Product No.:9151134

Color:1060 Product No.:9151060

Color:1128 Product No.:9151128

Color:1057 Product No.:9151057

Color:1122 Product No.:9151122

Color:1484 Product No.:9151484

Color:1049 Product No.:9151049

Color:1118 Product No.:9151118

Color:1390 Product No.:9151390

Color:1042 Product No.:9151042

Color:1114 Product No.:9151114

Color:1297 Product No.:9151297

Color:1037 Product No.:9151037

Color:1103 Product No.:9151103

Color:1278 Product No.:9151278

Color:1028 Product No.:9151028

Color:1093 Product No.:9151093

Color:1243 Product No.:9151243

Color:1024 Product No.:9151024

Color:1085 Product No.:9151085

Color:1225 Product No.:9151225

Color:1021 Product No.:9151021

Color:1080 Product No.:9151080

Color:1176 Product No.:9151176

Color:1003 Product No.:9151003

Color:1076 Product No.:9151076

Color:1166 Product No.:9151166

Color:1071 Product No.:9151071

Color:1140 Product No.:9151140

Color:1064 Product No.:9151064

Color:1133 Product No.:9151133

Color:1059 Product No.:9151059

Color:1126 Product No.:9151126

Color:1055 Product No.:9151055

Color:1121 Product No.:9151121

Color:1415 Product No.:9151415

Color:1047 Product No.:9151047

Color:1117 Product No.:9151117

Color:1370 Product No.:9151370

Color:1041 Product No.:9151041

Color:1110 Product No.:9151110

Color:1292 Product No.:9151292

Color:1035 Product No.:9151035

Color:1096 Product No.:9151096