POLYNEON FR 2500 mtrs

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POLYNEON FR 2500 mtrs

POLYNEON FR is an innovative, flame-retardant embroidery thread for logos or letterings on fire-retardant textiles such as workwear, curtains, car seats and wherever effective flame retardancy is required. (Please use our FIREFIGHTER 100% Aramid embroidery thread for the highest requirements for safety and protective clothing).
POLYNEON FR 2500 mtrs

Color:1557 Product No.:9331557

Color:1990 Product No.:9331990

Color:1924 Product No.:9331924

Color:1851 Product No.:9331851

Color:1815 Product No.:9331815

Color:1801 Product No.:9331801

Color:1784 Product No.:9331784

Color:1682 Product No.:9331682

Color:1670 Product No.:9331670

Color:1643 Product No.:9331643

Color:1621 Product No.:9331621

Color:1977 Product No.:9331977

Color:1922 Product No.:9331922

Color:1842 Product No.:9331842

Color:1811 Product No.:9331811

Color:1800 Product No.:9331800

Color:1728 Product No.:9331728

Color:1678 Product No.:9331678

Color:1657 Product No.:9331657

Color:1640 Product No.:9331640

Color:1588 Product No.:9331588

Color:1966 Product No.:9331966

Color:1918 Product No.:9331918

Color:1839 Product No.:9331839

Color:1803 Product No.:9331803

Color:1791 Product No.:9331791

Color:1701 Product No.:9331701

Color:1675 Product No.:9331675

Color:1651 Product No.:9331651

Color:1624 Product No.:9331624