FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

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FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

Truly matt! FROSTED MATT 40 - The world’s first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colors and new highs to fastness to light. Due to the unique ceramic core material this embroidery thread reflects the true colors intensively with enormous coloring power. Due to highest possible dying methods Frosted Matt has an unmatched overall rating to fastness to light. Colors remain and don’t fade easily, as others do.
FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

Color:7027 Product No.:9407027

Color:7641 Product No.:9407641

Color:7723 Product No.:9407723

Color:7790 Product No.:9407790

Color:7844 Product No.:9407844

Color:7924 Product No.:9407924

Color:7635 Product No.:9407635

Color:7713 Product No.:9407713

Color:7781 Product No.:9407781

Color:7841 Product No.:9407841

Color:7920 Product No.:9407920

Color:7627 Product No.:9407627

Color:7706 Product No.:9407706

Color:7777 Product No.:9407777

Color:7837 Product No.:9407837

Color:7911 Product No.:9407911

Color:7986 Product No.:9407986

Color:7623 Product No.:9407623

Color:7694 Product No.:9407694

Color:7771 Product No.:9407771

Color:7832 Product No.:9407832

Color:7903 Product No.:9407903

Color:7980 Product No.:9407980

Color:7613 Product No.:9407613

Color:7689 Product No.:9407689

Color:7761 Product No.:9407761

Color:7825 Product No.:9407825

Color:7899 Product No.:9407899

Color:7971 Product No.:9407971

Color:7599 Product No.:9407599

Color:7674 Product No.:9407674

Color:7754 Product No.:9407754

Color:7821 Product No.:9407821

Color:7886 Product No.:9407886

Color:7965 Product No.:9407965

Color:7364 Product No.:9407364

Color:7666 Product No.:9407666

Color:7749 Product No.:9407749

Color:7816 Product No.:9407816

Color:7882 Product No.:9407882

Color:7953 Product No.:9407953

Color:7286 Product No.:9407286

Color:7661 Product No.:9407661

Color:7746 Product No.:9407746

Color:7810 Product No.:9407810

Color:7870 Product No.:9407870

Color:7950 Product No.:9407950

Color:7165 Product No.:9407165