FROSTED MATT 30 2500 mtrs

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FROSTED MATT 30 2500 mtrs

New Releases! Frosted Matt is now available in thick embroidery thread with dtex 350 (175 x 2). Perfect for voluminous basting stitches and decorative seams, large filling areas, 3D effects and much more. The matt embroidery thread for unique effects, real color reproduction, clear contours and strong contrasts in 96 shades.

FROSTED MATT 30 2500 mtrs

Color:7838 Product No.:9447838

Color:7027 Product No.:9447027

Color:7721 Product No.:9447721

Color:7827 Product No.:9447827

Color:7977 Product No.:9447977

Color:7704 Product No.:9447704

Color:7822 Product No.:9447822

Color:7962 Product No.:9447962

Color:7682 Product No.:9447682

Color:7811 Product No.:9447811

Color:7951 Product No.:9447951

Color:7661 Product No.:9447661

Color:7801 Product No.:9447801

Color:7946 Product No.:9447946

Color:7650 Product No.:9447650

Color:7795 Product No.:9447795

Color:7931 Product No.:9447931

Color:7643 Product No.:9447643

Color:7909 Product No.:9447909

Color:7635 Product No.:9447635

Color:7787 Product No.:9447787

Color:7885 Product No.:9447885

Color:7595 Product No.:9447595

Color:7777 Product No.:9447777

Color:7866 Product No.:9447866

Color:7442 Product No.:9447442

Color:7747 Product No.:9447747

Color:7845 Product No.:9447845

Color:7426 Product No.:9447426

Color:7739 Product No.:9447739

Color:7842 Product No.:9447842

Color:7310 Product No.:9447310

Color:7730 Product No.:9447730

Color:7834 Product No.:9447834

Color:7982 Product No.:9447982

Color:7718 Product No.:9447718

Color:7825 Product No.:9447825

Color:7970 Product No.:9447970

Color:7695 Product No.:9447695

Color:7821 Product No.:9447821

Color:7957 Product No.:9447957

Color:7668 Product No.:9447668

Color:7810 Product No.:9447810

Color:7950 Product No.:9447950

Color:7658 Product No.:9447658

Color:7800 Product No.:9447800

Color:7941 Product No.:9447941

Color:7649 Product No.:9447649