FS 15 100 gms

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FS 15 100 gms

Decorative and Strong! The optimum solution for decorative metal effect stitching. Three ply FS No.15 is decorative and inherently strong enough for general stitching. Available in two golds, silver, copper and bronze shades, FS No.15 is superb for surface decoration even on coats, jeans and sport shoes... ...and of course trouble free sewing performance.
FS 15 100 gms

Color:1511 Product No.:9901511

Color:1571 Product No.:9901571

Color:1557 Product No.:9901557

Color:1529 Product No.:9901529

Color:1525 Product No.:9901525

Color:1515 Product No.:9901515

Color:1570 Product No.:9901570

Color:1542 Product No.:9901542

Color:1528 Product No.:9901528

Color:1522 Product No.:9901522

Color:1512 Product No.:9901512

Color:1560 Product No.:9901560

Color:1537 Product No.:9901537

Color:1527 Product No.:9901527

Color:1520 Product No.:9901520