POLYNEON 60 1500 mtrs

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POLYNEON 60 1500 mtrs

No cmpromises! Quality embroidery of very fine lettering and small details has been possible with MADEIRA CLASSIC 60 for some time. Now, when you must use Polyester thread for technical reasons, these detailed embroideries can be made using MADEIRA's new  POLYNEON thread! Available in 100 carefully selected colours,  POLYNEON 60  is absolutely perfect for making even the smallest lettering easy to read.  And in one design, even two different thread counts can be used! The colours are clearly marked with a blue dot on the new POLYNEON shadecard.
POLYNEON 60 1500  mtrs

Color:1828 Product No.:9241828

Color:1945 Product No.:9241945

Color:1718 Product No.:9241718

Color:1824 Product No.:9241824

Color:1937 Product No.:9241937

Color:1682 Product No.:9241682

Color:1816 Product No.:9241816

Color:1922 Product No.:9241922

Color:1670 Product No.:9241670

Color:1811 Product No.:9241811

Color:1917 Product No.:9241917

Color:1643 Product No.:9241643

Color:1803 Product No.:9241803

Color:1895 Product No.:9241895

Color:1637 Product No.:9241637

Color:1795 Product No.:9241795

Color:1879 Product No.:9241879

Color:1988 Product No.:9241988

Color:1622 Product No.:9241622

Color:1784 Product No.:9241784

Color:1860 Product No.:9241860

Color:1981 Product No.:9241981

Color:1767 Product No.:9241767

Color:1848 Product No.:9241848

Color:1971 Product No.:9241971

Color:1756 Product No.:9241756

Color:1843 Product No.:9241843

Color:1964 Product No.:9241964

Color:1747 Product No.:9241747

Color:1840 Product No.:9241840

Color:1953 Product No.:9241953

Color:1738 Product No.:9241738

Color:1835 Product No.:9241835

Color:1949 Product No.:9241949

Color:1725 Product No.:9241725

Color:1827 Product No.:9241827

Color:1944 Product No.:9241944

Color:1709 Product No.:9241709

Color:1823 Product No.:9241823

Color:1934 Product No.:9241934

Color:1678 Product No.:9241678

Color:1815 Product No.:9241815

Color:1921 Product No.:9241921

Color:1659 Product No.:9241659

Color:1810 Product No.:9241810

Color:1908 Product No.:9241908

Color:1642 Product No.:9241642

Color:1801 Product No.:9241801