POLYSTITCH 40 5000 mtrs

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POLYSTITCH 40 5000 mtrs

Due to its resistance to Chlorine, PolyStitch is the ideal embroidery thread for denim-wash items, those with frequent staining or requiring frequent or heavy duty washing / laundering. Recommended for sportswear, swimwear, childrenā€˜s wear and workwear also hotel, catering and food trade items.
POLYSTITCH 40  5000 mtrs

Color:5977 Product No.:9395977

Color:5623 Product No.:9395623

Color:5747 Product No.:9395747

Color:5843 Product No.:9395843

Color:5967 Product No.:9395967

Color:5597 Product No.:9395597

Color:5728 Product No.:9395728

Color:5839 Product No.:9395839

Color:5951 Product No.:9395951

Color:5566 Product No.:9395566

Color:5834 Product No.:9395834

Color:5948 Product No.:9395948

Color:5542 Product No.:9395542

Color:5722 Product No.:9395722

Color:5823 Product No.:9395823

Color:5938 Product No.:9395938

Color:5528 Product No.:9395528

Color:5682 Product No.:9395682

Color:5810 Product No.:9395810

Color:5927 Product No.:9395927

Color:5488 Product No.:9395488

Color:5673 Product No.:9395673

Color:5801 Product No.:9395801

Color:5921 Product No.:9395921

Color:5466 Product No.:9395466

Color:5661 Product No.:9395661

Color:5786 Product No.:9395786

Color:5906 Product No.:9395906

Color:5457 Product No.:9395457

Color:5657 Product No.:9395657