POLYNEON 60 1500 mtrs

POLYNEON 60 1500 mtrs

No cmpromises! Quality embroidery of very fine lettering and small details has been possible with MADEIRA CLASSIC 60 for some time. Now, when you must use Polyester thread for technical reasons, these detailed embroideries can be made using MADEIRA's new  POLYNEON thread! Available in 100 carefully selected colours,  POLYNEON 60  is absolutely perfect for making even the smallest lettering easy to read.  And in one design, even two different thread counts can be used! The colours are clearly marked with a blue dot on the new POLYNEON shadecard.
POLYNEON 60 1500  mtrs

Polyneon 60 1500 M

  • Product No. 9241940
  • Color 1940

MADEIRA Color Matching

  • Pantone®: 389C 2296C
  • Pantone® similiar: 379C 380C 381C 382C 386C 387C 388C 390C 396C 397C 583C 584C 585C 603C 809C 2297C 3965C 7744C

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