CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

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CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

A class of its own. The lightweight thread in the MADEIRA rayon line CLASSIC No. 60 can be used anywhere fine detail is required as well as in top stitching and for decorative sewing on delicate fabrics. CLASSIC No. 60 colors are identified by the blue dot on the MADEIRA rayon shade card.
CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

Color:1250 Product No.:9151250

Color:1027 Product No.:9151027

Color:1092 Product No.:9151092

Color:1242 Product No.:9151242

Color:1023 Product No.:9151023

Color:1084 Product No.:9151084

Color:1182 Product No.:9151182

Color:1011 Product No.:9151011

Color:1079 Product No.:9151079

Color:1175 Product No.:9151175

Color:1001 Product No.:9151001

Color:1074 Product No.:9151074

Color:1152 Product No.:9151152

Color:1070 Product No.:9151070

Color:1137 Product No.:9151137

Color:1061 Product No.:9151061

Color:1132 Product No.:9151132

Color:1058 Product No.:9151058

Color:1125 Product No.:9151125

Color:1491 Product No.:9151491

Color:1051 Product No.:9151051

Color:1119 Product No.:9151119

Color:1394 Product No.:9151394

Color:1044 Product No.:9151044

Color:1116 Product No.:9151116

Color:1309 Product No.:9151309

Color:1039 Product No.:9151039

Color:1106 Product No.:9151106

Color:1279 Product No.:9151279

Color:1031 Product No.:9151031

Color:1095 Product No.:9151095

Color:1246 Product No.:9151246

Color:1025 Product No.:9151025

Color:1086 Product No.:9151086

Color:1241 Product No.:9151241

Color:1022 Product No.:9151022

Color:1082 Product No.:9151082

Color:1181 Product No.:9151181

Color:1005 Product No.:9151005

Color:1078 Product No.:9151078

Color:1173 Product No.:9151173