CLASSIC 40 5000 mtrs

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CLASSIC 40 5000 mtrs

A class of it's own. MADEIRA Classic thread is the worldwide number one. In 413 fabulous shades, including ombré tone on tone and multi colours, there is no better choice. This standard size 40 embroidery thread is ideal for most designs. Made from 100% viscose rayon, it is the choice for embroidery on high speed multi-head machines as well as industrial sewing machines. Classic No. 40... known worldwide for high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster.
CLASSIC 40 5000 mtrs

Color:1178 Product No.:9101178

Color:1225 Product No.:9101225

Color:1259 Product No.:9101259

Color:1301 Product No.:9101301

Color:1344 Product No.:9101344

Color:1380 Product No.:9101380

Color:1437 Product No.:9101437

Color:1008 Product No.:9101008

Color:1041 Product No.:9101041

Color:1074 Product No.:9101074

Color:1107 Product No.:9101107

Color:1141 Product No.:9101141

Color:1175 Product No.:9101175

Color:1221 Product No.:9101221

Color:1256 Product No.:9101256

Color:1297 Product No.:9101297

Color:1339 Product No.:9101339

Color:1377 Product No.:9101377

Color:1431 Product No.:9101431

Color:1497 Product No.:9101497

Color:1005 Product No.:9101005

Color:1038 Product No.:9101038

Color:1070 Product No.:9101070

Color:1104 Product No.:9101104

Color:1137 Product No.:9101137

Color:1172 Product No.:9101172

Color:1253 Product No.:9101253

Color:1294 Product No.:9101294

Color:1336 Product No.:9101336

Color:1374 Product No.:9101374

Color:1425 Product No.:9101425

Color:1491 Product No.:9101491

Color:1002 Product No.:9101002

Color:1035 Product No.:9101035

Color:1067 Product No.:9101067

Color:1101 Product No.:9101101

Color:1134 Product No.:9101134

Color:1169 Product No.:9101169

Color:1218 Product No.:9101218

Color:1250 Product No.:9101250

Color:1291 Product No.:9101291

Color:1330 Product No.:9101330

Color:1371 Product No.:9101371

Color:1415 Product No.:9101415

Color:1485 Product No.:9101485

Color:1032 Product No.:9101032

Color:1064 Product No.:9101064

Color:1098 Product No.:9101098