CLASSIC 40 1000 mtrs

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CLASSIC 40 1000 mtrs

A class of it's own. MADEIRA Classic thread is the worldwide number one. In 413 fabulous shades, including ombré tone on tone and multi colours, there is no better choice. This standard size 40 embroidery thread is ideal for most designs. Made from 100% viscose rayon, it is the choice for embroidery on high speed multi-head machines as well as industrial sewing machines. Classic No. 40... known worldwide for high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster.
CLASSIC 40 1000 mtrs

Color:1060 Product No.:9111060

Color:1094 Product No.:9111094

Color:1127 Product No.:9111127

Color:1160 Product No.:9111160

Color:1194 Product No.:9111194

Color:1243 Product No.:9111243

Color:1281 Product No.:9111281

Color:1319 Product No.:9111319

Color:1364 Product No.:9111364

Color:1396 Product No.:9111396

Color:1476 Product No.:9111476

Color:1025 Product No.:9111025

Color:1057 Product No.:9111057

Color:1091 Product No.:9111091

Color:1124 Product No.:9111124

Color:1157 Product No.:9111157

Color:1191 Product No.:9111191

Color:1240 Product No.:9111240

Color:1278 Product No.:9111278

Color:1315 Product No.:9111315

Color:1361 Product No.:9111361

Color:1393 Product No.:9111393

Color:1467 Product No.:9111467

Color:1022 Product No.:9111022

Color:1054 Product No.:9111054

Color:1088 Product No.:9111088

Color:1121 Product No.:9111121

Color:1154 Product No.:9111154

Color:1188 Product No.:9111188

Color:1236 Product No.:9111236

Color:1275 Product No.:9111275

Color:1311 Product No.:9111311

Color:1358 Product No.:9111358

Color:1390 Product No.:9111390

Color:1461 Product No.:9111461

Color:1018 Product No.:9111018

Color:1051 Product No.:9111051

Color:1085 Product No.:9111085

Color:1118 Product No.:9111118

Color:1151 Product No.:9111151

Color:1185 Product No.:9111185

Color:1233 Product No.:9111233

Color:1272 Product No.:9111272

Color:1308 Product No.:9111308

Color:1354 Product No.:9111354

Color:1387 Product No.:9111387

Color:1450 Product No.:9111450

Color:1015 Product No.:9111015