CLASSIC 40 1000 mtrs

CLASSIC 40 1000 mtrs

A class of it's own. MADEIRA Classic thread is the worldwide number one. In 413 fabulous shades, including ombré tone on tone and multi colours, there is no better choice. This standard size 40 embroidery thread is ideal for most designs. Made from 100% viscose rayon, it is the choice for embroidery on high speed multi-head machines as well as industrial sewing machines. Classic No. 40... known worldwide for high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster.
CLASSIC 40 1000 mtrs

Classic 40 1000 M

  • Product No. 9111295
  • Color 1295

MADEIRA Color Matching

  • Pantone®: 639C 7460C
  • Pantone® similiar: 312C 313C 801C 2183C 2201C 2202C 2229C 2995C 3135C 7704C Hexachrome CyanC Process CyanC

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