CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

A class of its own. The lightweight thread in the MADEIRA rayon line CLASSIC No. 60 can be used anywhere fine detail is required as well as in top stitching and for decorative sewing on delicate fabrics. CLASSIC No. 60 colors are identified by the blue dot on the MADEIRA rayon shade card.
CLASSIC 60 1500 mtrs

Classic 60 1500 M

  • Product No. 9151166
  • Color 1166

MADEIRA Color Matching

  • Pantone®: 2747C Reflex BlueC
  • Pantone® similiar: 72C 287C 661C 662C 2126C 2738C 2746C 10249C Blue 072C

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