FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

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FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

Truly matt! FROSTED MATT 40 - The world’s first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colors and new highs to fastness to light. Due to the unique ceramic core material this embroidery thread reflects the true colors intensively with enormous coloring power. Due to highest possible dying methods Frosted Matt has an unmatched overall rating to fastness to light. Colors remain and don’t fade easily, as others do.
FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

Color:7866 Product No.:9407866

Color:7946 Product No.:9407946

Color:7165 Product No.:9407165

Color:7653 Product No.:9407653

Color:7741 Product No.:9407741

Color:7797 Product No.:9407797

Color:7855 Product No.:9407855

Color:7938 Product No.:9407938

Color:7142 Product No.:9407142

Color:7649 Product No.:9407649

Color:7733 Product No.:9407733

Color:7792 Product No.:9407792

Color:7848 Product No.:9407848

Color:7934 Product No.:9407934

Color:7058 Product No.:9407058

Color:7645 Product No.:9407645

Color:7729 Product No.:9407729

Color:7787 Product No.:9407787

Color:7843 Product No.:9407843

Color:7922 Product No.:9407922

Color:7640 Product No.:9407640

Color:7721 Product No.:9407721

Color:7779 Product No.:9407779

Color:7840 Product No.:9407840

Color:7919 Product No.:9407919

Color:7995 Product No.:9407995

Color:7630 Product No.:9407630

Color:7711 Product No.:9407711

Color:7775 Product No.:9407775

Color:7834 Product No.:9407834

Color:7909 Product No.:9407909

Color:7984 Product No.:9407984

Color:7625 Product No.:9407625

Color:7704 Product No.:9407704

Color:7770 Product No.:9407770

Color:7828 Product No.:9407828

Color:7902 Product No.:9407902

Color:7977 Product No.:9407977

Color:7621 Product No.:9407621

Color:7692 Product No.:9407692

Color:7760 Product No.:9407760

Color:7823 Product No.:9407823

Color:7893 Product No.:9407893

Color:7970 Product No.:9407970

Color:7612 Product No.:9407612

Color:7682 Product No.:9407682

Color:7753 Product No.:9407753

Color:7820 Product No.:9407820