FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

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FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

Truly matt! FROSTED MATT 40 - The world’s first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colors and new highs to fastness to light. Due to the unique ceramic core material this embroidery thread reflects the true colors intensively with enormous coloring power. Due to highest possible dying methods Frosted Matt has an unmatched overall rating to fastness to light. Colors remain and don’t fade easily, as others do.
FROSTED MATT 40 2500 mtrs

Color:7908 Product No.:9407908

Color:7982 Product No.:9407982

Color:7624 Product No.:9407624

Color:7690 Product No.:9407690

Color:7767 Product No.:9407767

Color:7827 Product No.:9407827

Color:7900 Product No.:9407900

Color:7976 Product No.:9407976

Color:7616 Product No.:9407616

Color:7680 Product No.:9407680

Color:7755 Product No.:9407755

Color:7822 Product No.:9407822

Color:7892 Product No.:9407892

Color:7969 Product No.:9407969

Color:7611 Product No.:9407611

Color:7668 Product No.:9407668

Color:7752 Product No.:9407752

Color:7818 Product No.:9407818

Color:7884 Product No.:9407884

Color:7957 Product No.:9407957

Color:7595 Product No.:9407595

Color:7662 Product No.:9407662

Color:7747 Product No.:9407747

Color:7811 Product No.:9407811

Color:7871 Product No.:9407871

Color:7951 Product No.:9407951

Color:7310 Product No.:9407310

Color:7657 Product No.:9407657

Color:7742 Product No.:9407742

Color:7804 Product No.:9407804

Color:7868 Product No.:9407868

Color:7948 Product No.:9407948

Color:7170 Product No.:9407170

Color:7650 Product No.:9407650

Color:7735 Product No.:9407735

Color:7800 Product No.:9407800

Color:7859 Product No.:9407859

Color:7939 Product No.:9407939

Color:7144 Product No.:9407144

Color:7647 Product No.:9407647

Color:7730 Product No.:9407730

Color:7793 Product No.:9407793

Color:7851 Product No.:9407851

Color:7936 Product No.:9407936

Color:7109 Product No.:9407109