POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

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POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

POLYNEON 75 is the finest polyester embroidery thread. It is perfect for attaching sequins and for the realization of the finest, filigree embroidery details.
POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

Color:1918 Product No.:9361918

Color:1648 Product No.:9361648

Color:1783 Product No.:9361783

Color:1900 Product No.:9361900

Color:1638 Product No.:9361638

Color:1755 Product No.:9361755

Color:1886 Product No.:9361886

Color:1624 Product No.:9361624

Color:1742 Product No.:9361742

Color:1867 Product No.:9361867

Color:1990 Product No.:9361990

Color:1582 Product No.:9361582

Color:1724 Product No.:9361724

Color:1855 Product No.:9361855

Color:1983 Product No.:9361983

Color:1565 Product No.:9361565

Color:1709 Product No.:9361709

Color:1844 Product No.:9361844

Color:1974 Product No.:9361974

Color:1562 Product No.:9361562

Color:1702 Product No.:9361702

Color:1840 Product No.:9361840

Color:1967 Product No.:9361967

Color:1535 Product No.:9361535

Color:1683 Product No.:9361683

Color:1827 Product No.:9361827

Color:1962 Product No.:9361962

Color:1521 Product No.:9361521

Color:1678 Product No.:9361678

Color:1816 Product No.:9361816

Color:1950 Product No.:9361950

Color:1672 Product No.:9361672

Color:1805 Product No.:9361805

Color:1940 Product No.:9361940

Color:1659 Product No.:9361659

Color:1798 Product No.:9361798

Color:1924 Product No.:9361924

Color:1651 Product No.:9361651

Color:1791 Product No.:9361791

Color:1909 Product No.:9361909

Color:1643 Product No.:9361643

Color:1781 Product No.:9361781

Color:1899 Product No.:9361899

Color:1637 Product No.:9361637

Color:1754 Product No.:9361754

Color:1882 Product No.:9361882

Color:1994 Product No.:9361994

Color:1612 Product No.:9361612