POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

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POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

POLYNEON 75 is the finest polyester embroidery thread. It is perfect for attaching sequins and for the realization of the finest, filigree embroidery details.
POLYNEON 75 2500 mtrs

Color:1741 Product No.:9361741

Color:1859 Product No.:9361859

Color:1987 Product No.:9361987

Color:1577 Product No.:9361577

Color:1722 Product No.:9361722

Color:1851 Product No.:9361851

Color:1978 Product No.:9361978

Color:1564 Product No.:9361564

Color:1707 Product No.:9361707

Color:1843 Product No.:9361843

Color:1971 Product No.:9361971

Color:1552 Product No.:9361552

Color:1694 Product No.:9361694

Color:1839 Product No.:9361839

Color:1966 Product No.:9361966

Color:1531 Product No.:9361531

Color:1682 Product No.:9361682

Color:1823 Product No.:9361823

Color:1960 Product No.:9361960