POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

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POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

The best polyester embroidery thread. Top quality POLYNEON made in Germany by MADEIRA. The best polyester embroidery thread. POLYNEON is produced using a specially developed spinning process. This guarantees outstanding stitching on embroidery machines, without the usual looping associated with other polyester embroidery threads. MADEIRA uses a special dye process for POLYNEON which results in high fastness to Chlorine. MADEIRA is thus allowed to use the symbol for Chlorine resistance, the specification for which is shown the shadecard: Chlorine treatment up to 30 minutes At temperatures up to 30°C With up to 20g Chlorine/litre water An additional advantage for POLYNEON is its wonderful sheen, almost as high as the sheen of MADEIRA CLASSIC – better than any other Polyester embroidery thread. POLYNEON is the first choice for embroidery onto industrial or frequently washed textiles.
POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

Color:1996 Product No.:9181996

Color:1548 Product No.:9181548

Color:1592 Product No.:9181592

Color:1631 Product No.:9181631

Color:1668 Product No.:9181668

Color:1710 Product No.:9181710

Color:1748 Product No.:9181748

Color:1781 Product No.:9181781

Color:1818 Product No.:9181818

Color:1850 Product No.:9181850

Color:1890 Product No.:9181890

Color:1928 Product No.:9181928

Color:1961 Product No.:9181961

Color:1993 Product No.:9181993

Color:1542 Product No.:9181542

Color:1584 Product No.:9181584

Color:1628 Product No.:9181628

Color:1664 Product No.:9181664

Color:1706 Product No.:9181706

Color:1745 Product No.:9181745

Color:1778 Product No.:9181778

Color:1815 Product No.:9181815

Color:1847 Product No.:9181847

Color:1886 Product No.:9181886

Color:1925 Product No.:9181925

Color:1958 Product No.:9181958

Color:1990 Product No.:9181990

Color:1539 Product No.:9181539

Color:1578 Product No.:9181578

Color:1625 Product No.:9181625

Color:1661 Product No.:9181661

Color:1703 Product No.:9181703

Color:1742 Product No.:9181742

Color:1775 Product No.:9181775

Color:1810 Product No.:9181810

Color:1844 Product No.:9181844

Color:1883 Product No.:9181883

Color:1922 Product No.:9181922

Color:1955 Product No.:9181955

Color:1987 Product No.:9181987

Color:1532 Product No.:9181532

Color:1574 Product No.:9181574

Color:1622 Product No.:9181622

Color:1658 Product No.:9181658

Color:1695 Product No.:9181695

Color:1739 Product No.:9181739

Color:1771 Product No.:9181771

Color:1804 Product No.:9181804