POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

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POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

The best polyester embroidery thread. Top quality POLYNEON made in Germany by MADEIRA. The best polyester embroidery thread. POLYNEON is produced using a specially developed spinning process. This guarantees outstanding stitching on embroidery machines, without the usual looping associated with other polyester embroidery threads. MADEIRA uses a special dye process for POLYNEON which results in high fastness to Chlorine. MADEIRA is thus allowed to use the symbol for Chlorine resistance, the specification for which is shown the shadecard: Chlorine treatment up to 30 minutes At temperatures up to 30°C With up to 20g Chlorine/litre water An additional advantage for POLYNEON is its wonderful sheen, almost as high as the sheen of MADEIRA CLASSIC – better than any other Polyester embroidery thread. POLYNEON is the first choice for embroidery onto industrial or frequently washed textiles.
POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

Color:1709 Product No.:9181709

Color:1747 Product No.:9181747

Color:1780 Product No.:9181780

Color:1817 Product No.:9181817

Color:1849 Product No.:9181849

Color:1888 Product No.:9181888

Color:1927 Product No.:9181927

Color:1960 Product No.:9181960

Color:1992 Product No.:9181992

Color:1541 Product No.:9181541

Color:1582 Product No.:9181582

Color:1630 Product No.:9181630

Color:1666 Product No.:9181666

Color:1744 Product No.:9181744

Color:1777 Product No.:9181777

Color:1812 Product No.:9181812

Color:1846 Product No.:9181846

Color:1885 Product No.:9181885

Color:1924 Product No.:9181924

Color:1957 Product No.:9181957

Color:1989 Product No.:9181989

Color:1538 Product No.:9181538

Color:1577 Product No.:9181577

Color:1627 Product No.:9181627

Color:1663 Product No.:9181663

Color:1705 Product No.:9181705

Color:1741 Product No.:9181741

Color:1773 Product No.:9181773

Color:1809 Product No.:9181809

Color:1843 Product No.:9181843

Color:1882 Product No.:9181882

Color:1921 Product No.:9181921

Color:1954 Product No.:9181954

Color:1986 Product No.:9181986

Color:1531 Product No.:9181531

Color:1573 Product No.:9181573

Color:1624 Product No.:9181624

Color:1660 Product No.:9181660

Color:1702 Product No.:9181702

Color:1738 Product No.:9181738

Color:1770 Product No.:9181770

Color:1803 Product No.:9181803

Color:1840 Product No.:9181840

Color:1878 Product No.:9181878

Color:1918 Product No.:9181918

Color:1951 Product No.:9181951

Color:1983 Product No.:9181983

Color:1527 Product No.:9181527