POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

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POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

The best polyester embroidery thread. Top quality POLYNEON made in Germany by MADEIRA. The best polyester embroidery thread. POLYNEON is produced using a specially developed spinning process. This guarantees outstanding stitching on embroidery machines, without the usual looping associated with other polyester embroidery threads. MADEIRA uses a special dye process for POLYNEON which results in high fastness to Chlorine. MADEIRA is thus allowed to use the symbol for Chlorine resistance, the specification for which is shown the shadecard: Chlorine treatment up to 30 minutes At temperatures up to 30°C With up to 20g Chlorine/litre water An additional advantage for POLYNEON is its wonderful sheen, almost as high as the sheen of MADEIRA CLASSIC – better than any other Polyester embroidery thread. POLYNEON is the first choice for embroidery onto industrial or frequently washed textiles.
POLYNEON 40 5000 mtrs

Color:1879 Product No.:9181879

Color:1919 Product No.:9181919

Color:1952 Product No.:9181952

Color:1984 Product No.:9181984

Color:1528 Product No.:9181528

Color:1569 Product No.:9181569

Color:1622 Product No.:9181622

Color:1654 Product No.:9181654

Color:1690 Product No.:9181690

Color:1735 Product No.:9181735

Color:1768 Product No.:9181768

Color:1801 Product No.:9181801

Color:1838 Product No.:9181838

Color:1872 Product No.:9181872

Color:1915 Product No.:9181915

Color:1949 Product No.:9181949

Color:1981 Product No.:9181981

Color:1522 Product No.:9181522

Color:1566 Product No.:9181566

Color:1619 Product No.:9181619

Color:1651 Product No.:9181651

Color:1686 Product No.:9181686

Color:1731 Product No.:9181731

Color:1765 Product No.:9181765

Color:1798 Product No.:9181798

Color:1835 Product No.:9181835

Color:1869 Product No.:9181869

Color:1909 Product No.:9181909

Color:1946 Product No.:9181946

Color:1978 Product No.:9181978

Color:1508 Product No.:9181508

Color:1563 Product No.:9181563

Color:1616 Product No.:9181616

Color:1648 Product No.:9181648

Color:1683 Product No.:9181683

Color:1728 Product No.:9181728

Color:1762 Product No.:9181762

Color:1795 Product No.:9181795

Color:1832 Product No.:9181832

Color:1866 Product No.:9181866

Color:1906 Product No.:9181906

Color:1943 Product No.:9181943

Color:1975 Product No.:9181975

Color:1505 Product No.:9181505

Color:1560 Product No.:9181560

Color:1613 Product No.:9181613

Color:1680 Product No.:9181680

Color:1725 Product No.:9181725